Rosenthal (Hybrid)


Rosenthal is a five-way cross of Afghani Indica, Hindu Kush, Mexican Sativa, Thai Sativa, and an African hybrid. Also known as Super Bud, its high THC value makes it potent and ideal for many medicinal applications. Expect a strong dominant aroma, surprisingly sweet, with a pineapple punch flavor and a rather long duration. This strain induces numbing body buzz, promotes laziness with strong analgesic effect, boosts creativity and focus, uplifts mood, and prompts social interactions. Good for stress relief and appetite stimulation.

1 g $151/8 oz $501/4 oz $1001/2 oz $2001 oz $350
THC 21.8%CBN 0.2%CBG 1%TOTAL 23.3%

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